Courses and Labs

Physics Courses

  1. PHY101 Mechanics
  2. PHY106 Quantum Physics
  3. PHY201 Waves and Optics 
  4. PHY209 Electromagnetism
  5. PHY206 Physics Through Computational Thinking 
  6. PHY208 General Properties of Matter
  7. PHY301 Mathematical Methods I 
  8. PHY303 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  9. PHY305 Classical Mechanics
  10. PHY309 Thermal Physics
  11. PHY311 Basic Electronics
  12. PHY302 Mathematical Methods II
  13. PHY304 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  14. PHY306 Statistical Mechanics
  15. PHY312 Numerical Methods and Programming
  16. PHY314 Introduction to Special Relativity

Physics Labs and Reports

  1. PHY103 General Physics Laboratory I
  2. PHY205 General Physics Laboratory II
  3. PHY210 General Physics Laboratory III
  4. PHY307 Physics Laboratory I 
  5. PHY308 Physics Laboratory II

Maths Courses

  1. MTH101 Calculus of One Variable
  2. MTH102 Linear Algebra 
  3. MTH201 Multivariable Calculus 
  4. MTH203 Introduction to Groups and Symmetry
  5. MTH202 Probability and Statistics
  6. MTH204 Complex Variables

Engineering Courses

  1. CHE103 Engineering Design and Drawing
  2. ECS102 Introduction to Programming
  3. ECS201 Discrete Mathematics I
  4. ECS202 Data Structures and Algorithms
  5. ECS204 Signals and Systems

Economic Courses

  1. ECO101 Principles of Economics I
  2. ECO102 Principles of Economics II
  3. ECO201 Econometrics I 

Other Courses and Labs

  1. BIO101 Biology I: Biomolecules
  2. BIO102 Biology II: Fundamentals of Cell Biology
  3. BIO103 General Biology Laboratory
  4. CHM101 General Chemistry
  5. CHM112 Basic Organic Chemistry I
  6. CHM114 Chemistry Laboratory I 
  7. EES101 Earth Materials and Processes
  8. EES102 Introduction to Environmental Sciences
  9. HSS101 English for Communication 
  10. IPR500 Law Relating to Intellectual Property and Patents